Seaport-e Quality Assurance

Sektor's Quality Assurance (QA) approach is a fundamental process that is instilled in each individual within the work force. It is a behavior and more importantly an attitude that becomes the responsibility of each person involved in the process. We offer a quality project built on proven principles and tailored to the specifics of the anticipated tasking. We ensure that everyone in our organization understands that:

  • QA is the job of every team member at all levels in our organization
  • QA is a part of our day-to-day business, not a process to be added on at the end of a project
  • Operating on a continuous improvement model at all levels of the organization ensures quality, timeliness, efficiency, and effectiveness in meeting customer requirements
  • All customer requirements will be analyzed and verified during project initiation, and we will partner with our customers throughout the project to ensure that our work meets their needs

Sektor views quality, performance, and success as the foundation of our project management. We recognize that continuous improvement at every level of our effort ensures performance success. Our approach to quality combines classic military planning processes with current business best-practice methods to ensure quality is achieved and maintained.

By building-in a continuous improvement approach throughout the project, we are able to instill in our team the value that quality is everyone's responsibility. Sektor uses the following actions to ensure quality and success:

  • Individual Self-Assessment: In this quality check step, each member of a team plans and then evaluates individual actions and contributions to ensure that any inaccuracies, omissions, or other weaknesses are corrected at their point of occurence, not later in the process.
  • Team Review: The project team works together to ensure that problems involving work quality or team operations are solved as soon as the team recognizes them. Team members also provide motivation for one another to continually work at the standard of excellence that PSI requires. The project lead will review all key deliverables for accuracy and content before submission.
  • Management Quality Reviews: Our Project Manager and Senior Staff regularly review the quality of work in progress, particularly as key deliverables are due, sub-tasks are completed, or decision points approach. Management oversight ensures that, when problems arise, we have an immediate response to focus on fixing the problem and ensuring the task remains on track.
  • Process Improvement: When problems arise which require attention to process, we conduct an analysis by that identifies the source of the problem and recommends changes to prevent its reoccorence.